American Colored Angora Goat Registry
Beautiful Angora Goats with Natural Color
If your goats' Inspection for Registration will be based on a physical inspection:

1)  For a physical inspection, complete the Inspection Application Form that is available on the Forms
page of this website.

2) To complete a physical inspection you will need concurrence from a minimum of two inspectors
other than the owner or breeder of the goat for which registration is requested.

3) At the time of inspection, goats must be a minimum of 12 months old and must have a minimum
of 4 months fiber growth.  Note:  Fleece that has been on a goat more than 6 months is not
recommended for inspection as it may have issues that can detract from the inspection.

4) At least two  inspectors must certify that the inspected goat meets the American Colored Angora
Goat Registry Breed Standard.

5) Goats that fail inspection may still be recorded and issued a certificate or recordation.

Inspectors are designated by the American Colored Angora Goat Registry (ACAGR).  Persons
designated as inspectors by the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association (CAGBA) are
acceptable as inspectors.
How to get your Colored Angora Goat Photo or Video Inspected for Registration:

ACAGR realizes that it is often difficult to get to shows or events where an inspection is held.  To
facilitate the inspection procedure, ACAGR has developed a photo and video inspection process that
allows the goat owner to submit detailed photos or video for inspectors to evaluate.  The photos or video
inspection is best accomplished by two people, one to take the pictures and a second to display the

1)  Complete the Inspection Application Form that is available on the Forms page of this website

2)  Download a copy of the Registry Application Worksheet that is available on the Forms page of this
Note:  While it is not a requirement, breeders/owners using the photo or video inspection
procedure should consider purchasing the ACAGR Inspectors Training and Reference Manual which is
available in the online
ACAGR Store.  It will serve as an excellent guide when doing your inspection.

3)  Beginning with the first item on the Registration Application Worksheet, photograph/video each item.  
Take enough photos/video to show in detail that the breed standard is met.  Record your finding on the
Registration Application Worksheet.

4)  Once all items on the Registration Application Worksheet have been photographed or recorded on
video, review the photos or video and make sure that every item has been captured.  Remember, the
inspectors looking at your goat submission only have what you have sent for them to see.  It is always
better to send too much than not enough!

5)  Next you will need to collect fleece samples from the goat you are inspecting.  We do not need the
whole fleece, just a small hand full from; the front of the neck, one front shoulder, one side, one britch
area, and the middle area of the belly.  Small zip lock sandwich bags work great to put the samples in.  
Use a pen or magic marker to label each bag with the goat's ear tag number and where on the goat the
sample is from.  Your samples will not be returned to you.  USPS priority mail flat rate envelopes work
great for sending papers and samples.
Registration By Inspection

Breeding Angora Goats for color is relatively new (1980s) and as such the genetic pool is still relatively
small.  The quality of mohair being produced by colored angoras has increased dramatically over time
and many now rival the registered white goats.  There are many beautiful goats that do not have two
registered parents.  We offer Registration by Inspection to allow goats that meet the ACAGR breed
standard to be recognized and registered as Colored Angora Goats.

An inspection is performed by three inspectors, other than the owner or breeder, of the goat for which
registration is requested.  Inspectors are designated by ACAGR.  Persons designated as inspectors by
CAGBA are acceptable to inspect goats for ACAGR.  Two of the three inspectors must certify that the
inspected goat meets the ACAGR Breed Standard.  Goats being inspected must be a minimum of 12
months old and must have a minimum of 4 months hair growth.  More than 6 months of hair growth can
detract fromthe inspection.  Goats that do not pass inspection my still be recorded.

For the goats to be inspected

Complete the Inspection Application form,  found in the forms section, for each goat to be inspected and
submit it at the time of inspection.  Complete as much pedigree information as possible.  To make the
application process easier, copies of pedigree information from other sources may be included.  Simply
attach copies to the application.  The pedigree information included on  your new registration certificate
is dependent on the information that you submit.  Keep copies of the documents that you submit
because only your registration  certificate will be returned to you.  If you would like a picture of your goat
on the registration certificate submit that too.  Pictures can be emailed.