American Colored Angora Goat Registry
Beautiful Angora Goats in Color
The American Colored Angora Goat Registry is an open
registry for colored angora goats. Our primary goal is
maintaining accurate registration records showing
pedigrees of registered and recorded Colored Angora
Goats and to keep records of transfers, showing
ownership on all registered and recorded goats.
Show Results From
Around The Country

2013 ACAGR Show At The
Michigan Fiber Festival

2013 EAGMA Show At
The Shenandoah Valley
Fiber Festival

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Trailering Tips
Judging Wool-Mohair
The American Colored Angora Goat Registry has
partnered with Black Sheep Gathering for its
2014 National Goat Show!

Where:  Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, Oregon
When:  June 20-22, 2014
Judge:  Joe David Ross from Sonora, Texas

This is the 40th Anniversary of the Black Sheep Gathering
and the 25th Anniversary of the Colored Angora Goat Show
and the 26th Anniversary of the White Angora Goat Show!  

More information will be available on the Black Sheep
Gathering Web site in the spring. PLEASE keep checking!

The BSG has expanded the White Angora class rules to
include registered/recorded color factored whites.  There
are now colored factored whites out there that are able to
seriously compete with the AAGBA whites.

All goats must be Registered or Recorded to be eligible for
entry into the show.

ACAGR is a non-exclusive registry. ALL Angora Goats
Registered or Recorded from any registry are welcome
to participate in this National Show!

For the 2014 Mohair Shows, Judith McKenzie is our judge.
Judith is internationally known and highly respected as a
premier fleece and fiber guru and instructor as well as
highly acclaimed for authoring several popular fleece and
fiber related books. We feel honored that Judith will be
judging the mohair.

SAVE your 1st kid fleeces from this summer and fall. And
save the 2nd kid clip shorn this spring as well as fleeces
from the other grades. ALL grades and colors of mohair
sell well at the sale and it is well worth it to bring as many
fleeces as possible!

We invite you to consider camping on-site. Camping
reservations may be made with the Lane Events Center.
If you need assistance with lodging in Eugene, contact
Travel Lane County at 541-484-5307.