American Colored Angora Goat Registry
Beautiful Angora Goats in Color
The American Colored Angora Goat Registry is an open
registry for colored angora goats. Our primary goal is
maintaining accurate registration records showing
pedigrees of registered and recorded Colored Angora
Goats and to keep records of transfers, showing
ownership on all registered and recorded goats.
Last update 2/2/2015
A new feature called News Flash! is
being added to the ACAGR website.
It is an area where articles of interest
to Angora Goat enthusiasts can be
found.  The information and articles
are presented by those using this site.  
If you would like to submit an article
please send it to:
Articles can be on any subject related
to Angora Goats.  Don't forget to
include pictures.
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Trailering Tips

Judging Wool-Mohair
The American Colored Angora Goat
Registry, ACAGR, now has
available for your Colored
Angora Goats.  You Spoke, We Listened!
Registering online is not only fast and
easy, it is also is environmentally friendly
and saves you postage, paper and time!  
You can register from your PC, laptop,
tablet or smart phone if you have internet
access.  Just go to and
click on the online registration button at
the top of any page.  After you have
submited your information just click on the
PayPal button to pay using your PayPal
account or credit card.  It’s that simple.  
Your registration papers will be sent to you
via USPS.
Have an upcoming event?
We will be adding an "Events"
page soon and look forward to
listing your event for all to see.
There is no charge to be listed.
Send your event details to:
Picture courtesy of Greta Dise, Persimmon Tree Farm
2015 ACAGR National Show
The 2015 EAGMA Angora Goat Show
will be held at the Shenandoah Valley
Fiber Festival in Berryville, VA on
September 26th and 27th 2015. We are
happy to announce that EAGMA will be
hosting the 3rd Annual American
Colored Angora Goat Registry (ACAGR)
National Show in 2015. ACAGR will be
sponsoring some new classes for
breeders to enter. Our judge will be
Sharon Chestnutt of Oregon. Visit the
website at for
more detailed information or ACAGR
on Facebook.